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Tap into innovation with our proprietary solutions

Meet our portfolio of proprietary solutions meticulously designed to cater to diverse needs, ranging from creative eCommerce solutions to sophisticated insights analysis tools, and much more.
Unlimited assets: here comes the creative revolution


Redefining Imagery for Brands trough GEN-AI

Redefine visual storytelling with our service in key visual generation and synthetic photography for brands.

Break free from limitations, transcend geographical boundaries, slash costs, diminish reliance on models, and scale your creative process to unprecedented heights

Sick of staying in the 'big picture'?


Unlock the full potential of User Reviews, Data, and UGC

In a world where customer opinions are an invaluable source of information, Miraiku Insights revolutionizes how businesses can add a new dimension to their consumer-centric decision-making.

We confront the challenge of turning mountains of data into actionable insights. Our technology enables you to overcome analysis paralysis and identify clear opportunities for making winning decisions

Create and optimize effective communication strategies


Start measuring and optimizing the emotional resonance of your narrative

LanguageLoom helps you understand written texts holistically without falling into cognitive biases. From corporate announcements to press releases, our tool reveals emotions and implicit traits so you can fine-tune the message with surgical precision.

Discover hidden nuances, identify underlying emotions, and adjust your communication to resonate with your audience. With LanguageLoom, you not only read between the lines but also enhance the desired intention and authenticity of the message.

AI Solutions for Smarter E-Commerce


A swiss army knife to sell more, better and streamline operations

From personalized recommendations to predictive analytics, AI provides valuable customer insights, allowing you to anticipate market trends and outperform competitors.

Whether generating compelling descriptions, categorizing products, or enabling innovative experiences, AI is the multi-talented catalyst that will propel your online store to new heights of efficiency, engagement, and profitability.